Saturday, November 12, 2005

musing when I should be sleeping

Had a 1st season Monk re-run (man, I knew that show had gone more for the comedic lately, but seeing this episode really underlined how far they'd drifted!) on while I was doing some work tonight. When it was over, Frankie & Johnny started. I hadn't seen this underrated movie in a long time, so even tho it was edited for TV, decided to watch. Some random thoughts:

  • I need to listen to more Debussy. Really don't think I know more than Clair de Lune and whatever they used for the Wings theme song (two Shaloub shows in one post...that's a record).
  • Possibly the least comedic romantic comedy I can think of. Probably not the best follow-up to Pretty Woman for Garry Marshall.
  • I think this was the first time I saw Nathan Lane. Dang, he's funny! Oh, imdb tells me I saw him first in Joe Versus the Volcano, but I've repressed every memory of that film.
  • There's a lot of subtle work in this show. Don't normally think of Pacino or Lane as subtle, or even Elizondo.
  • The supporting cast does excellent work, easy to be overlooked and not give it your all with Pacino and Pfeiffer headlining things.
  • While she's made better movies, maybe even had better characters...don't know if I've been more impressed with a Pfeiffer performance.
  • The ache of loneliness permeates this movie. Probably the greatest detraction from the comedy. Does a great job showing how empty people can be. Particularly in the final David E. Kelly-esque montage.


Jamie said...

Are there more than 2 Shaloub shows?

Jamie said...

and don't you mean Joe versus the Volcano?

rustypth said...

I've never seen Monk or Joe Versus the Volcano =)

Hobster said...

um, yeah, Joe Versus the Volcano (all fixed now). And yes, Shaloub has actually had 3 TV series, plus many movies, m'dear. I've only made you sit through 2 of those shows tho'. :)

Rusty--re: Joe Vs. ... good move. But you really should try to carve out some time to rent some Season 1 DVD's of Monk. At which point, you'll take vacation days to rent the rest of it--and every other episode you can get your hands on.

girlfriday said...

Do you repress memories of Chevrolet and apple pie, too?

Pinko Commie.