Thursday, July 26, 2012

79 Word Story: Naturally, We Were Asked Never to Return

When we would recount the experience, we made the joke we whispered much funnier than it had been. As you do.

That lion dog sculpture (looking like Dali's rendering of Garfield) had simply begged to be joked about. Call it honeymoon-induced asininity, but we obliged. And then we giggled. Then we couldn't stop giggling. Eventually falling onto an adjacent (and apparently fragile) 6th-century statue. Green and white chunks of terra cotta dragon ending up strewn throughout the display area.

Why 79 Words?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

79 Word Story: The Artist

"Is that actually a drinking fountain, or is it a sculpture?" I ask the cute chick with the black-rimmed glasses.

"Your schtick is tired," she glares.


"The whole go to a gallery opening just to pick up women with your ironic commentary."

I stare.

"This guy could be important. Shut up, just look at these honestly, try to learn."

"Hate to break it to you, but, I actually just make these as a way to pick up women."

Why 79 Words?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

79 Word Story: Bungee Jumping

Check harness. Double check. Triple check. Dramamine, gently sedating, guarding against nausea. What knucklehead executive decided this was a worthwhile team building exercise? Still, it's better than a day in the office.

Gung-ho Hilda from HR volunteers first. Leading by example is the surest way to that corner office, she reminds herself, knees shaking on the edge.

It's only when she's in mid-dive we remember to check the other end of the cord.

We'll eventually miss her Nutella-flavored brownies.

Why 79 Words?

79 Word Stories

One of the things they like to do for these camps, is to take advantage of the various public/cultural amenities -- the zoo, museums, parks, graffiti-covered alleyways (no, really--sadly, we ran out of time in my camp before we got to that one), etc.

Early on, we "got" to go the Boise Art Museum, which is nice enough, I guess -- just not my kind of place. The last time I liked an exhibit there, was back in '88 for a Superman 50th Anniversary commemoration. We were to wander around and get inspiration for three short pieces.

How short, you ask? 79 words long. Why 79? Our instructor was drawing inspiration from Esquire's 2012 Short Fiction Contest, the samples are worth your time to check out (esp. Winslow's, I thought).

I had a hard time not making them all into jokes (my instructor noted the same thing) and eventually I think I succeeded.

Summer Camp

Last year, Frodo attended a week-long writing camp at The Cabin Literary Center. It seemed like he had a rewarding and enjoyable time -- at least as much as a nascent teenager would admit to. It seemed rewarding enough that this year, I decided to go along and try the adult version, hoping that it might jump start my creative engines.

You've probably noticed over the last few months, words haven't exactly been dripping from my fingertips, so I've been needing a kick in the pants.

I think it worked. At least for the last 8 days it has. The proof will be in the pudding that may or may not be forthcoming.

Speaking of forthcoming, unlike my normal modus operandi, I'm going to start posting what I'm working on -- once it gets to a certain point. Can't say for certain how often that'll be, but hopefully at least once a week. We'll see.