Thursday, April 17, 2003

In his excellent article, "The Fear of the Lord in Worship," Herman Hanko sees worship as “the highest expression of God’s covenant of grace with his people.” There is a holy conversation between God and his people in worship—each sharing with one another their lives (this is why perhaps a better term for dialogical principle of worship would be “conversational principle”. ) If Hanko were to state that worship is the “highest expression of God’s covenant with his people,” he might be on safer ground—I can only imagine that Adam, under the covenant of life/works, had a greater degree of conversation in his relationship with God than we do.

It could be said that God is glorified more in our mediated dialogue with Him than He was in Adam’s worship, else He would not have ordained anything else. Perhaps this greater glory comes from our worship being given to Him through the blood of the Lamb. But at this point, I realize I’m quite out of my league and will cease further speculation.

Oh my . . . my eldest son is on the fast-track to nerddom. This week he's become addicted to the X-Men movie (version 1.0, not even 1.5!!)

On the one hand, it's kind of gratifying to see him take an interest in what his pa sees as just plain cool. On the other hand . . . between his obsession with Spidey, Batman, Justice League and now Xavier's gang . . .how is he ever going to get a date? (sure, it happened to his dad, but the nerdishness was in partial remission at the time).

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

In what won't hopefully be a vain attempt to get back into this thing, I'll just throw in a couple of semi-random baseball thoughts: could anything be more discouraging than Jeter's Opening Day injury (ignore the fact that the NYY are XX games ahead of the Sox at the moment)?
What is up with the Sox whole Bullpen-by-committee thing? It's gotta be killing Pedro that he resigns with these guys who blow every wonderful start he gives them . . . .
Lastly, what happened to the Wonder Twins Schilling/Johnson and the D-backs? Haven't caught a game yet on cable, so I haven't seen 'em in action, but the stats are staggering . . .

Sunday, April 13, 2003

man . . . haven't been able to write anything lately--here or elsewhere. Gotta snap out of this