Monday, February 17, 2014

I'm Like Rasputin

Good grief, it's been a year and a half (and change) since I've done anything here. I've started a new blog devoted to my book reviews, but lately I've had a hankering to write things that don't belong there. Might as well try to resurrect this thing again.

We'll see how it goes this time. I've got to clean up the list of links, and other settings and whatnot. Blogger's changed so much the controls are barely recognizable -- I may get this posted, or I might activate Skynet in the attempt.

Is anybody still listening?


Joel Wilhelm said...


Hobster said...

good grief, man. Seriously?

(not a complaint, mind you. Just mind-boggling)

bluewoad said...

Are you still alive? Mostly dead? Just a flesh wound?

Tim Dudek said...

Still following because that is the glory of feed readers. It can just sit there and doesn't bother anybody till something is posted.

Hobster said...

sorta what I expected/hoped for. I'l take it tho :)