Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Interesting (Icky?) Career Choice

Just watched Moneyball, and I didn't recognize the director's name, so I did a quick IMDb check on him. I had seen his other non-documentary film, Capote, and was underwhelmed. But I liked this one a lot more, so I was curious about the film he had in pre-production, Foxcatcher, which is described as:

The story of John du Pont, who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and killed Olympic wrestler David Schultz.
Doesn't that sound like fun? Already crossing it off my "to watch" list, I scrolled down to see what poor suckers have been cast in this thing. Channing Tatum gets to play the victim, and Steve Carell gets to play the paranoid schizophrenic. Carell, really? I get where someone like him wants to stretch, to take on new kinds of rolls, but a whackadoodle murderer? Why, Steve, why?

Just don't get that at all.

While I'm at it, a few thoughts on Moneyball:
  • It was just odd seeing Jonah Hill play someone competent (actually, more than
  • Speaking of odd, lean Chris Pratt, really?
  • Would've been fun to see Hill, Pratt, Pitt and the rest working with more Sorkin-esque dialogue (of course, that's true for 90% of what's in the theaters/TV screens).
  • Especially considering the source material, that was one entertaining flick.

2 posts out of the 11 days...sigh, this is why I don't do resolutions.