Thursday, September 07, 2006

Too Soon?

Remember just before United 93 hit the theaters this spring, and then again just before World Trade Center premiered, there was this refrain of, "It's too soon." It's too soon for a's too soon for us to remember's too soon for whatever.


Tonight my manager and I are approached by some 30+ year old woman, holding four DVDs--Friends with Money, Just My Luck, some other "chick flick," and United 93. "Have you seen any of these?" I hadn't and said so, manager had seen Just My Luck (which she called "cute") and the "other" one which she said was pretty good. Manager tells her that she's heard "Friends" was "more of a mid-life crisis movie." Customer holds up United 93, "What's this about?"

Ummmmm, I think. "It's about that plane on 9/11 that..." The manager cuts in, "Y'know the one that crashed in Pennsylvania." Blank stare. Me again, "the one that the passengers took over, made crash before it could hit anything." Blank stare. "The one on 9/11?"

This woman had no idea what we were talking about. It's five years later--FIVE YEARS!! She had no idea what we were talking about--thankfully she got distracted by the idea of Antonio Banderas doing ballroom dancing (oh, hey, I remembered--the other chick flick was Take the Lead) and headed off before the conversation continued (and my dismay hit critical mass).

It's not too soon. It's not too soon. It's not too soon.


kletois said...

Maybe memory loss is a good thing. I remember most disasters since the 80's: Lockerbie, TWA800, Challenger, Chernobyll, as well as 9/11. Who could ever forget that? 9/11 changed the world, sadly for the wrong reasons.

rustypth said...

Hobs! jeeze opeeze man! You are absolutely 100% right - it is NOT too soon. I need to go buy that movie.

You r0x0rz


Anonymous said...

I just get done reading the Alpha and Omega blog how most believers coming into our congregations don't have basic listening skills, or the ability to listen for longer than five minutes...and then I flip over to your blog and read this!
Oh! Our poor country!
Wow! Is all I have to say this post!

polymathis said...

It is never to soon to remember history and learn lessons (such as from Katrina). I just was never comfortable with a movie depicting such a heroic event. Movies can move ppl emotionally, but intellectually and volitionally I don't see what this movie will do with the average American.

Please, prove me wrong.

Anonymous said...

Funny. Makes you wonder, really. Maybe the question isn't whether its too soon, but rather, is it too late?